The Sandwich Generation – A Slice of My Life featured on The Perennial Gen

Recently I discovered a wonderful new blog, The Perennial Gen.  The creators of this blog hope to reach out to women in mid-life and beyond.  I copied part of their mission statement and  placed it below because I wanted you to understand why I was drawn to these women, and why I wanted to write for their blog.

They created their space:

to amplify the wise, curious voices of thoughtful Christian writers in their second adulthood

to cultivate frank conversation about the transitions we’re experiencing as we age. These transitions touch every aspect of our lives including faith, culture, church, relationships, our bodies, and vocation.

to inspire intergenerational relationships

to nurture fresh purpose, ancient wisdom, and an extra jolt of courage for those at midlife and beyond

to encourage honesty, kindness, compassion, and humor

See?  As a woman in mid-life — or rather beyond, I love that mission!

Each month, The Perennial Gen will offer timely, themed topics such as forgiveness, mental health, and physical changes, to name a few.  During the month of May, you can read stories about care giving, and the “sandwich” generation.

I stepped back in time 4 years, and wrote an essay about caring for my own mother, and The Perennial Gen is featuring that small slice of my life today on their blog.

I am honored to direct you to my story at The Perennial Gen, Sacrifice, Surrender, and Survival.

2 thoughts on “The Sandwich Generation – A Slice of My Life featured on The Perennial Gen

  1. Hi! I just wanted to stop by today to say I liked your article on Perennial Gen … I’m at a similar place in my journey with my own mother, who has dementia. I’d love it if you’d stop by my blog, too! “Life on the Road Less Traveled” ( Blessings, Heidi Saxton P.S. Are you in Michiana, too?


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