Write 31 Days: Should I Write or Clean My House?

31 days of JoyWrite 31 Days.

I’m going to take a hiatus tonight from my theme of 31 Days of JOY.   And as I am heading into a busy weekend, and may not post again until Monday, my 31 Days is quickly morphing into a 25 Days of JOY.   That’s ok:  Structure not legalistic rules.

I’m attending Breathe Writer’s  Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and due to the late hour, I’m going to keep this post short.  My brain is full of all that I’ve taken in today at this writer’s conference, and if I’m honest, I’m a little overwhelmed by the content and the company.   I’m feeling a little out of my league.  Authors and accomplished writers are here, meeting with publishing companies, making pitches to get their work published.

My little blog posts seem lame in comparison.  I’m green.  Late to the party.

Wait!  Wasn’t my last blog post was about comparisons?  Ugh.  It’s such a natural human reaction to compare ourselves with others.

I’m going to have to do some praying and soul-searching to figure out exactly what I’m suppose to be doing.  There are days when I feel called to write, and I’m passionate about putting thoughts and words on paper.  Then there are moments when I don’t know why in the heck I’m not cleaning my house instead of wasting my time at this keyboard.

Just keeping it real and transparent.

I don’t want to compare myself to “authors”.    It doesn’t really matter what they write or how many works they have in print.  What I want to do is find out what God wants me to do.  How best can I fulfill His purpose in my life.

This may be too much to ask out of the Breathe Conference, but I’m hoping for some clarity tomorrow.  I’m hoping God uses these speakers and workshops to define more of who I am — who He wants me to be.


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