Meet Connie

cropped-img_6558.jpgRecently we moved back to our hometown area, back to our roots. The move came about because my husband decided, after sitting at a desk for 37 years, he needed a change.  He was tired of being a Financial Officer.  He was tired of wearing a suit.  He was tired of the city.

He is farming now.  Yes, farming.  Tractors, combines, work boots and suspenders!  I get called ZaaZaa occasionally (even though it was actually her sister, Eva Gabor, who played Lisa in the 1966 TV show).  But ZaaZaa is just fun to say, and yes, “Green Acres” has become my theme song!

IMG_0120 - Copy

Life in the city had always been good, but I felt an immediate “yes” when Jon talked to me about the move. This career change seemed like an answer to prayer, and my husband was given a chance to begin again.  It wasn’t until two days after the decision was made, as I was washing dishes, the weight of what I had done sunk in… “THIS is going to change my life!   But I knew in my heart that if it was the right move for Jon, it would be the right move for me.  

…”Good-bye, City Life!”

Our nest emptied out the same summer of our move, so the word “change” seems too small to capture all that transpired over the next few months.gochenaurs-4167

And I’ll admit there were some hard days.  Days when I didn’t know who I was or what I was supposed to be doing.   All the roles that had defined me were gone.

“It’ll be right for me” echoed in my head on a daily basis.  I began to claim it as a promise.

And I began to write.  Here are my stories.  Transparency doesn’t always come easy for me, but every time I write, I learn something about myself, my faith, and others.

Welcome. I’m glad you’re here. 


7 thoughts on “Meet Connie

  1. Thank you for sharing about your daughter. We are having the same experience with our son.
    I feel this devotional was a timely message from God and I have added your family to my prayers.
    We will trust in the Lord.


  2. Love your story and upper room message😇. I have to tell myself constantly to give it up to God. Seems to work for me giving those little or big worries up to God. Praising your devotion and talents used for our Lord’s work. Your family looks lovely and give you Cudos for your farm move. I am always amazed that my plans are not his (Jesus) plans. Jesus ‘s are always better😇 Have a great day.


  3. Thank you for your Upper Room devotion today! I’ve’ been there, done that’ with a child who turned from God. We went through a whole budda phase, etc. I found that all I could do was pray and be a good example for him – without preaching! ‘Faith without works is dead’. I am in recovery, 5+ years, and every day in AA we support parents who are in recovery but have children who are ‘out there’ – addicted and in pain. Can you imagine the fear associated with knowing that your child could OD at any time but that there’s nothing you can do!? In AA we ‘let go and let God’, we pray and we live by example but we know that any preaching or cajoling will only drive these children further away. It’s hard but, only by the grace of God are we delivered. To be honest, sometimes the only verse I can think of is, Job 1:8 “Consider my servant Job….” Yipes! We all feel like Job now and then but God comes around, doesn’t He?


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